What support can young carers get from school? 

When you look after someone, it can be hard to do well at school. You may feel anxious or struggle to hand in your homework on time. School can help in some ways. 

What can they help me with?

There are lots of ways teachers can make life easier for you. Having someone to talk to can make you feel better, and they can give advice on what could help. 

Understand what you’re going through

It is helpful for your teachers to know that sometimes you will have a lot on your mind. They will have a better understanding of why you may be late to school or handing in homework. 

Extra help at school

They may be able to help you with: 

  • Getting extra help with schoolwork
  • Giving more time to hand it in
  • Giving you access to a phone during the school day so you can call home if you’re worried. 

    Fun activities

    Some schools have a group for young carers to get together and do fun things. You may like having friends who know what it is like to look after someone.

    Ask your teacher if there is a group or if they could start one.

    Help the person you look after

    If your mum or dad struggles to attend parents’ evenings, your teacher may be able to help. They could speak to them over the phone, email or video call. 

    Who can help at school?

    Every school is different in the support they offer. 

    Some schools have one or more teachers who support young carers. You can sometimes find out who they are on the school’s website. 

    If you don’t know who they are or there isn’t one, you could get help from: 

    • A pastoral worker. 
    • The school nurse or counsellor. 
    • A teacher you get on well with and who you think may understand you.

      How do I tell school I look after someone?

      It can be hard to be open and say what has been going on at home. But you may feel better when you do.

      Have a look at these ideas on starting a conversation or text Sidekick for a bit of extra support

      Speaking to school didn't help

      It can be frustrating when talking to a teacher or someone else at school doesn’t change anything.  

      It is not your fault you didn’t get support. 

      You could try:  

      • Talking to a family member or close friend, 
      • Emailing the person you tried to speak to, to let them know how it made you feel, 
      • Speaking to someone else at school,
      • Text Sidekick to talk things through. We can speak to your school for you or help find other support. 
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