How do I tell my teacher I am a young carer?

Telling a teacher that you’re a young carer can help you get the support you need. But we know speaking to school can feel scary.

Here are some ideas to build your confidence.

Remember: They're here to help

Your teacher will be there to listen, understand how you are and help you get support. 

If school are not aware, they won’t understand how things are for you and may not be able to help.

Identify who you want to talk to

Try to think about someone you feel comfortable talking to. This could be your form teacher, pastoral team, or anyone else at school you feel you could share with.

Think about a good time to talk

Think about when you may feel more open talking to them and when they may have more time to chat with you. 

If you prefer talking when there are less people around, you could speak to them: 

  • At the end of a lesson
  • At the end of the day
  • At lunch time 

If your teacher is not free, you could: 

  • Try another time or 
  • Ask when is good for them. 

They will be aware that you need to talk to them and can help support you with a time to talk. 

Prepare what you want to say

Telling someone is a big first step. What do you want to say to them?  

You could: 

  • Start by letting them know you are a young carer or think you may be one, 
  • Tell them how you are feeling, 
  • Talk about struggles you have at home or school,  
  • Ask for the help you feel you need. 

You may want to write a few things out on paper before you speak to them. 

You only have to share what you feel comfortable with, so there’s no pressure. But the more you feel you can share with them, the more they will be able to support you.

Write to your teacher instead

If you find it hard talking to them, you could:  

  • Write it down on paper or  
  • Send them an email. 

You will still need to talk to them at some point, but it can make it easier to start the conversation.  

This way, your teacher will be aware and can work out what to do next to support you.

Take a friend for support

If you need a little support on the day, why not take a friend along with you? 

If you need a little extra support to speak to school, you can always text Sidekick.

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