Refer a young carer

Do you know a young carer who could use someone to talk to? Find out how you can refer them to Sidekick for support.

Refer a young carer

Who can be referred to Sidekick?

  • Young people with caring responsibilities, even if they’ve not been formally identified as a young carer. 
  • Aged 13 to 18. We can support young people up to 25 if they have additional needs.  
  • Young people who are happy to be referred to Sidekick.

We cannot accept referrals where the young person hasn’t consented or isn’t aware.

Who can make a referral?

We accept referrals from: 

  • Parents and carers 
  • Other family members 
  • Professionals, like teachers, social workers, support workers, etc.  

If you are a young person and you want to refer someone you know, please text 0788 868 059.

What support will they get?

It will depend on the young person and what they need. We offer: 

  • Emotional support  
  • Practical advice around caring role  
  • Identifying local young carer services for longer term support  
  • Support with making referrals for young carer services 
  • Support around managing school issues 
  • Discuss plans for their future 
  • Support with making phone calls or having conversations they don’t know how to start  
  • Techniques around well being 

How do you make a referral?

To make a referral, please complete the referral form.

Make a referral

Make sure you have the consent of the young person. We cannot accept referrals where the young person has not given their consent.

What happens after?

We may get back in touch with the person who made the referral to ask for more information. 

If they meet our criteria, we’ll speak to the young person to understand more about their life and what they may need. Then, we’ll work with them to put support in place that works for them.