What is a young carer card?

A carer’s card is a form of identification (ID) to let schools, supermarkets, GPs or pharmacies know that you are a young carer.

Where is the young carer card available?

It will depend on your area. Young carer cards are usually issued by a young carer service or a local council. Not every area will have them.

In Wales, the government has launched the Young Carers ID Card (YCID), which should now be available across Wales.

How do I find out if there is one in my area?

The quickest way will be to speak to your local young carer service. You can find their details by doing a web search, for example “area name + young carer service”.

If you need support to do this, you can speak to a Sidekick support worker by texting 07888 868 059 or emailing sidekick@actionforchildren.org.uk.

What can I use the card for?

The card can help young people who look after someone explain that they are a young carer.

In some areas, the young carers card will give you discounts at local businesses or online.

At school, you can show the card to a teacher to explain when you’re struggling to arrive on time or finish your homework. You may be able to use it if you need to leave early or carry a mobile phone to stay in touch with the person you care for.

The card can also help you ask for help from your GP or your pharmacist without having to explain your situation.

It’s important to know that you have a right to be supported, even if you don’t have a card.

How long is the card valid for?

Most cards are valid until you are 18. Some until you are 25.

Some cards you will need to renew on a regular basis. Others you only have to apply once.

You will find out when you apply.

How can I apply for the card?

Different areas will have different ways of applying for a card. 

You will usually have to share some information about yourself and your caring responsibilities. This could mean going through a young carer assessment.

Ask your local council or young carers project how to apply for a young carers card.

If you need help, you can text a friendly Sidekick coach on 07888 868 059 or email sidekick@actionforchildren.org.uk.

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