How do I stop worrying about someone when I’m away from them? 

As a young carer, you may sometimes feel worried or anxious when you’re away from the person you look after. 

This is normal. If you spend time looking after someone, it’s natural to want to care for them when you’re not around. 

You may not stop the worries fully, but there are things you can do to feel calmer. 

Notice how you're feeling

Look at what you feel may help you feel less worried. You can have a think about it or try writing it down on paper or on your phone. 

  1. What do you feel? Naming the feeling(s) can help you to manage.
  2. When do you have those worries? For example, being in school may feel tough as you have to leave the person you look after for several hours.
  3. Are you worried about something specific? For example, something that’s happened before and that you’re worried about happening again. Or if they have health issues that are getting worse.
  4. Is there anything else going on that could impact how you are coping? For example, not getting enough sleep can make you feel more anxious. 

Tell someone how you're feeling

When things feel tough, it is natural to try hiding these emotions.

But it’s important to let someone know how you’re feeling so they can be there to support you. 

It could be:

  • Someone you trust, like a teacher, a school nurse or even a friend. 
  • A support teacher for young carers – if there is one at school.
  • Other young carers – if there is a young carer group at school or near you. 

    You can always text Sidekick for a friendly, confidential chat. 

    Make a plan

    A plan can help you manage your worries. It can give you ideas of things to try or people to talk to when you feel worried. 

    Everyone’s plan will be different. Yours may include things like: 

    • Calming techniques, like breathing exercises, drawing, etc.  
    • Things to distract you, like listening to music, going for a walk, playing a game with others or on your phone, etc. 
    • Speaking to someone you trust. 

    We can help you think about what could work for you. Text Sidekick for a friendly, confidential chat.

    Who else can help check in?

    • Is there anyone who can check in with them while you’re away? A family member, a family friend or a professional. 
    • If the person you care for has a support worker, could you speak to them about your worries? They may be able to offer more support. 

    If no one else can check in, you could message or call them to check how they are doing. 

    But remember – it’s important that you get time for yourself too. 

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